A Team of Flight Specialists

The MH Aviation flight support team is the cornerstone of our flight support services to our customers, and is run by our Operations Manager and a team of experienced Flight Co-ordinators. Their background includes large contract operations, ground agent operations, medi-vac and charter operations, as well as airline operations. This varied base of aviation experience gives us the advantage of understanding our customers’ needs and using our knowledge to arrange flights and provide feedback so as to support and enhance aviators’ operational efficiency. The flight support team is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. See our list of recently supported destinations.

Supporting Your Flight with Up-to-Date Information and Service

Our flight support specialists stay in regular contact with merchants around the world to ensure that the most accurate information is available to us when planning and consulting on a customer’s flight. We arrange all fuel sales requirements, and in addition can arrange and pay for the following:

  • Aircraft handling and ground support: whatever the requirements for an aircraft at an airport, we can facilitate. From ground to cargo handling, from aircraft catering to crew hospitality, all can be arranged through the flight support team.
  • Flight clearances: we apply for and obtain flight clearances using agreements and contacts with civil aviation authorities throughout Africa directly. In addition, working together with local ground agents and third parties for short notice requirements enables us to obtain clearances with minimum delay.
  • Flight planning: flight planning services are conducted with the use of a variety of packages, depending on the customer's requirements. To provide additional flexibility, flight planning services are offered either on a per flight basis, or based on a fixed fee per month for unlimited flight planning services.
  • Relocation Services: flights to Southern African airports can be supported through a specialised agent relocating to the applicable airport. In short, this allows the operator the peace of mind to focus on the business of flying, while our agents take care of the rest.