MH Aviation Services Pty (Ltd) is proud to provide the MH Aviation Services Card programme. As the first aviation card programme wholly based in South Africa, it offers a combination of specialised African aviation knowledge, South African financial infrastructure and automatic acceptance at key locations. The MH Aviation Services fuel card is a powerful tool for peace of mind and cash-free operations throughout Africa.

The card can be used to purchase any brand of aviation fuel and any aviation service through our network of suppliers who accept our card automatically. When you qualify for the card, you get the benefit of having a full flight support team behind you, and the purchasing power of an aviation card by Africa, for Africa.

How to Apply for the Fuel Card

  • If you are not yet a customer of MH Aviation Services, first complete our Customer Application.
  • Once you are a customer, your MHAS Sales Executive will discuss the Fuel Card options that may be available to you based on our qualifying critera. Applications are evaulated on a case-by-case basis, depending on fleet size, locations visited, and financial standing.