Company Vision

To be a world-class industry leader in aviation flight support services, with an emphasis on excellence in customer service and professionalism.

Mission Statement

  • To provide superior levels of service to our customers, suppliers and business partners;
  • To employ enthusiastic, service oriented, entrepreneurial and professional staff who understand their function in the company; who feel they have meaning in their careers and who find a sense of camaraderie amongst their colleagues.
  • To nurture, grow and maintain our customer base through long-term partnerships, and to support our customers’ activities under one roof by providing an ever expanding service to them through continuous efforts to improve and widen our comprehensive network of suppliers.

Strategic Goals

  • To achieve growth in a balanced manner so as not to disrupt the long-standing relationships we enjoy with our customers and suppliers.
  • To expand the MH Aviation Services network of merchants to include direct agreements in even more locations.
  • At all times to concentrate and focus on our service to the customer applying our core principles of honesty and integrity.

Organisational Objectives

  • To make the application and approval process as easy as possible for new customers and then to assist them to make use of all services offered under the MH Aviation Services umbrella.
  • To encourage existing customers to use their accounts by educating them on what services are available to them and by offering comprehensive support of their flight requirements.
  • To sign up new merchants, where we find the need, and support them by making sure they are paid on time and that any queries they may have are dealt with as efficiently as possible.
  • To continually enhance our knowledge base, in order to provide accurate operational information to all customers.
  • To deal with invoicing and queries efficiently, swiftly and accurately, thereby maintaining good working relationships.
  • To provide exceptional service in appropriate measures to our customers, merchants, business partners and colleagues.
  • We aim to provide all services required by the customer under one roof and to embody the motto of “Your Flight Support Partner.”